Viscus Biologics has several existing product platforms to support design service and original design manufacturing activities

Extracellular Matrix

XenoMEM™ extracellular matrix is a robust biologic matrix consisting primarily of type I, type III, and type IV collagens and contains additional extracellular matrix proteins. XenoMEM is derived from porcine peritoneal membrane, and it is decellularized and lyophilized to yield a shelf stable component that provides a structure for soft tissue restoration and healing.

Radiopaque Tissue Marker

The FibermarX™ radiopaque tissue marker is a sterile, single patient use, blue polypropylene marker that is visible on standard radiographs (e.g., x-ray, mammography, CT). The FibermarX radiopaque tissue marker is passed through soft tissue and tied into place during open, percutaneous, arthroscopic, laparoscopic, or endoscopic procedures to radiographically mark a tissue location.


Purified Collagen

VitanatiV™ fibrous and soluble collagen have been developed using state of the art purification methods from a variety of tissue sources. VitanatiV purified collagen can be used to manufacture components, devices, and products with a range of architecture, hydrophilicity, resorption time, and mechanical properties that address a wide array of life science and regenerative medicine applications.

Our rapidly expanding product portfolio can be customized to your specifications and labeling requirements. Contact us for more information.